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SmartHeart Gold INDOOR

For small breed dogs – despite their small size, your little puppy needs extra special care, especially when they are raised indoors.
When it comes to meal time, they need a complete diet tailor-made for small dogs to offer the nutrition needed for their best health while help controlling their stool odor. SmartHeart Gold INDOOR is specially formulated for small breed dogs with an appropriate calorie level, using high quality protein source that is easily digestible and usable. The formula is rich in vitamins and organic minerals, fortified with 3 types of super prebiotics: XOS, FOS, and MOS which increase efficiency of intestinal microbiota in the digestive system.
Yucca extract helps reduce stool amount and odor. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids add nourishment to healthy skin and shiny coat. Plus 2X EPA and DHA with Choline in puppy formula that improve their brain and retinol development, the blend makes your puppy grow happily and healthily everyday.


1 kg

- Stool Odor & Volume Control : High quality protein source that is easy to digest and utilize, fortified with 3 super probiotics: XOS, FOS, and MOS which increase the efficiency of intestinal microbiota in the digestive tract, resulting in well formed and lower amount of stool, and Yucca extract which helps reduce undesirable odor.

- Enhance Brain Function : 2X EPA and DHA, fortified with Choline formula support brain and retinol development in puppies.

- Digestive Health Support : Quality source of carbohydrate from rice that is easy to digest and utilize, with natural fiber from beet pulp and probiotics beneficial to digestive health.

- Healthy Skin and Lustrous Coat : A balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil, flaxseed, and sunflower seed oil, and mineral food from seaweed help promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

- Irresistible Taste with High Palatability : Crispy bites with appealing aroma, suitable for small breeds that are picky or fussy eaters.

- Healthy Heart : Taurine and Omega-3 from fish oil help improve heart health.

- Healthy Bones and Teeth  : Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D help maintain strong bones and teeth.

- Natural Immune Protection  : Added natural protection with antioxidants from Selenium, Vitamin C ,Vitamin E and immunity boost with Beta-Glucan.

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