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Tasty Ocean Fish

Tasty Ocean Fish cat food is suitable for adult cats all breeds. With high quality come along with deliciousness that made from chicken and ocean fish. Which is complete and balanced with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for your beloved cat. Confidently, high product quality with modern production and certified by international standard by the Association of the American Feed Contol Officials (AAFCO) and the National Research Council (NRC). Therefore, you can be assured that your beloved cat will be healthy and strong.


1 kg, 20 kg

• Promote muscle development with protein from chicken and ocean fish.

• Reduce risk of kidney disease through Sodium control.

• Promote healthy skin & nourish coat with Omega 3 & 6, Zinc and Biotin.

• Enhanced brain function from Choline.

• Help maintain proper eyesight and healthy eye function with Taurine.

• Strengthen immuniny with Selenium and Vitamin E.

• Promote strong bone & teeth with Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D.

• Maintain healthy gums and teeth and lowers the risk of plague and tartar with kibble texture.




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