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Me-O® Cat Litter Charcoal Formula
Ocean Scent
  • Made from natural sodium bentonite and it is safe for you and your pets.
  • Effectively controls unpleasant odors for continuous hygiene.
  • Highly efficient absorb cat’s feces and urine, effectively minimizing the amount of soiled litter that needs to be removed and replaced.
  • Quickly forms clumps when wet, makes it easy to scoop away. Helps keep cat’s litter tray clean.
  • Ocean Scent

5 litres, 10 litres

1. Pour enough Me-O Cat Litter into your cat’s litter tray to form a base of at least 4-5 cm. deep.

2. When your cat uses the litter box, Me-O Cat Litter will form clumps. 

3. Remove clumps of litter regularly with a sifting scoop so that only soiled litter is removed. Add litter as needed to maintain a base of 4-5 cm. deep.


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