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Me-O® Gold Kitten

Kittens generally require special care during this life stage, which requires special care. Cat owners have to choose food with nutritional value for their diet and specifically designed for kittens. A kitten's food is necessary for development and growth. Start caring for your kitten with Me-O® Gold Kitten, a special formula developed specifically for your kitten's well-being. Me-O® Gold Kitten helps form a strong body, brain, digestive and immune system for a healthier growing kitten.


400 g,1.2 kg

• Chicken is the 1st ingredient in this formula, which is natural source of high quality Protein.
• Enhanced brain development : Supports brain development with DHA (ocean fish oil)
• Healthy Digestive System : Encourages good digestion with Prebiotic, GOS (Galacto-oligosaccharides) which is naturally-occuring oligosaccharides in mother's milk and beet pulp.
• Strong Immune System : Helps maintain strong immunity with Selenium and Vitamin E.
• Shiny Skin and Coat : Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat with Omega-3, Omega-6, Organic Zinc and Biotin.
• Strong bones and teeth : Helps strengthen bones and teeth with Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D.
• Healthy vision : Maintains proper eye function and improves eyesight with Taurine, an essential amino acid.

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