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Extreme Color

All types and ages of Koi
The SaitekiTM Extreme Color is Carp Fish Food which complete and balance nutrition. Improve digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, immune system and promotes healthy skin, which faster color enhancer.

  • Spirulina contains high levels of natural pigments including chlorophyll,  carotenoids and phycocyanin which enhance fish coloration. Additionally carotenoids are potent antioxidants that helps strengthen the immune system.   
  • Astaxanthin is the carotenoid pigment that enhances the brilliant natural color especially red color in Carp fish.
  • Probiotics are dietary supplements composed of friendly microorganisms which can provide beneficial effects on the host’s health. These friendly microorganisms suppress the growth of harmful ones that can cause disease and help in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
  • Beta-glucan & Mannan oligosaccharide to improve gastrointestinal health and immune system to benefit for overall health of Carp fish.
  • Co enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant, which is a type of compound that protects the skin cells from damage to effect for slow down the degeneration of skin cells.
  • Berry extract, which contain resveratrol benefit for antioxidant, proven to reduce damage of skin and balance in the body.
  • Special diet which complete and balanced nutrition to keep your koi healthy and help reduce fat deposition.
  • High water stability which floating type dissolving slowly and retaining its physical integrity longer.

1.5 kg., 7 kg.

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