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Horse Feeds
  • Alfalfa is a great source of highly digestible forage-based energy and quality protein plus calcium.  MaxWin Alfalfa Pellets is a very good alternative to alfalfa hay with the additional benefit of handling ease, reduced separation of leaves and stalk, less dusty, and less prone to mold growth.
  • All types and ages of horses will benefit the highly digestible and readily fermentable fiber for a low glycemic energy source and gut health; high quality protein and calcium for growth and muscle development; and readily available calcium for strong bones and teeth. 
  • TIP:  For cases of poor dentition, MaxWin Alfalfa Pellets can be moistened with water for approximately 20 minutes to soften and facilitate easier chewing. Take care not to allow wet pellets to sit for more than 3-4 hours as the pellets may begin to spoil – especially in warm climates.

20 kg

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