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Veggie Pack

Adverse food reaction could be found in some dogs or some specific breeds. Causes of this reaction could be rooted to animal proteins that are used in dog food in general, for example, chicken or beef, which are not easy to digest. Also, dongs consuming the same type of protein for a long period could be inflicted to this problem.

The symptoms that could easily be seen included dried skin, skin dermatitis, itchiness, rash, skin flakes. These affect not only dogs physical and mental wellbeing, but also the owners.

SmartHeart Veggie Pack is suitable for sensitive dogs, formulating using only best ingredient from quality soy protein. SmartHeart Veggie Pack is easily digestible, eliminating factors to cause skin irritation, and providing all essential nutrition for your dog to stay healthy and strong.


1 kg, 3  kg, 10  kg, 20  kg.

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