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Horse Feeds
Pro Complete
  • Easily digestible pellets
  • Natural vitamin E for enhanced immunity and improved colostrum quality in broodmares
  • Higher levels of biotin for stronger, healthier hooves
  • Multiple energy sources for more balanced digestion and to support the horse’s digestive tract health
  • Organic minerals for improved bone health and development

2 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg

MaxWin Pro Complete is an easily-digested, pelleted feed for all types and breeds of horses.  MaxWin Pro Complete is suitable to be fed to horses during all phase of a horse’s life: growth, pregnancy, lactation, breeding, working and maintenance.  Using research-based formulation, MaxWin Pro Complete presents a fully-fortified feed that combines balanced nutrition, multiple energy sources and immune-supporting nutrients for horses.  Specifically, MaxWin Pro Complete contains natural vitamin E - scientifically proven to be more completely absorbed in the horse than synthetic vitamin E.  In addition, MaxWin Pro Complete is fortified with higher levels of biotin for stronger, healthier hooves.  MaxWin Pro Complete contains proprietary yeast fermentation metabolites that help minimize digestive upset and balances the horse’s immune system. MaxWin Pro Complete ensures each bite contains highly digestible fiber from alfalfa, beet pulp and soybean hulls – all proven to be easily utilized by the horse’s microbial population.

PelletedImproves digestibility and efficiency.
Natural vitamin EีSuperior absorption and bioactivity compared to synthetic vitamin E. Speeds muscle recovery, protects tissues from oxidative stress, and improves colostrum quality.
Yeast metabolitesOptimizes hindgut fermentation and provides metabolites to support and balance the immune system.
BiotinScientifically proven to support optimal hoof health.
Vegetable fat and fermentable fiberThe slow burning energy obtained from fat and fiber provides horses with staying-power to finish strong while maintaining a healthy microbial hind gut population. ี
Increased organic mineralsResearch demonstrates improved utilization of organic minerals thereby enhancing bone development and health.

Feed MaxWin Pro Complete at a rate of approximately 0.5% to 0.75% of optimal body weight. Use the daily feeding guide as a reference and increase or decrease feed depending on activity level or individual metabolic requirements to attain and maintain the desired body weight and body condition.Feeding rates based on average 500 kg (expected adult) body weight.

Growing Weanling Yearlingี Long Yearlingี2 – 3 kg 3 kg 3 – 4 kgFree choice Free choice 8 – 10 kg
Broodmare Early lactation Late lactation Early pregnancy Late Pregnancy5 – 6 kg 3 – 4 kg 2 – 3 kg 3 – 4 kgFree choice 10 kg 10 kg Free choice
Breeding stallion3 – 5 kg10 - 12 kg
Working horse Light Moderate Heavy2 – 3 kg 3 – 4 kg 5 – 6 kg8 – 10 kg 10 - 12 kg Greater than 14 kg
Senior horse3 – 4 kgFree choice
Maintenance horse Easy keeper Hard keeper2 kg 4 kg8 – 10 kg Free choice

*Forage is good quality, clean, mold-free and non-legume (non-alfalfa)

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