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Horse Feeds
Cool Energy
  • Premium quality extruded horse feed recommended for horses involved in all types of equestrian and endurance sports requiring good stamina and calmer disposition. This feed is also highly recommended for horses prone to tying-up syndrome.
  • High Oil and Highly Digestible Fibers  Slow controlled release energy to sustain prolonged energy needs and promotes excellent stamina and physical endurance"
  • Low Starch  Reduces problems associated with grain overload including metabolic disorders (colic and laminitis), tying up syndrome and “fizzy” behavior
  • Balanced Electrolyte  Replenish minerals lost from heavy sweating during training and competition
  • Vitamin E, Selenium and Antioxidants  Strengthens the immune system and helps increase stamina
  • Yeast and Prebiotic  Improves hind gut health and function for better fiber digestion and increased nutrient availability
  • Organic Zinc and Copper, Methionine and Biotin  Improves hoof growth, strength and health"



2 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg

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