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Our branded pet food has been exporting to almost every major continent, but with quite a strong base in Asia particularly. Currently, we have distributors in more than 20 countries. Check out for the full country list later in this section.
Bahrain Malaysia South Africa
Bangladesh Myanmar South Korea
Brunei Mauritius Taiwan
Canada Nepal United Kingdom
Hong Kong Oman United Kingdom
India Pakistan Vietnam
Indonesi Philippines
Iran Poland
Japan Singapore
Our future growth is not limited only in these existing countries, but we are stepping forward to other new markets around the globe with our strong will to offer consumers with quality choices of pet food products. We consider ourselves as a strategic partner working in cooperation with our trade customers who play a vital role in logistic and local marketing functions in each country market. Our owned oversea operations in Malaysia and Vietnam also work closely with the local customers and other stakeholders to serve the emerging growth in the demand for pet food of the markets. Sales and marketing support in various forms; such as printed materials, e.g. sales kits, brochures, leaflets, banners, buntings, posters, wall stickers, etc.; shop decorative items, e.g. light boxes, stand-alone shelves, sponsor boards, etc.; as well as trade and consumer promotional schemes appropriated for each market characteristic, are continuously provided to our distributors upon request.
In addition, our success story particularly in Asia-Pacific region market has become a good reference to our distributors in other regions. Some of our recorded achievements are as follows:
In Malaysia, the complete range of our “SmartHeart©” dog food and cat food brand are listed in at main hypermarket and supermarket chains. Response from the market is very positive especially on SmartHeart© cat food which makes our brand competitive with other major cat food brands. In Taiwan, our “C.P.Classic©” dog food and cat food have been successfully introduced in one of the well known hypermarket chains. By offering consistency and reliability in product quality since the introduction to Taiwanese pet lovers, we start to gain loyalty for our brand from a certain group of customers which results in aggressive growth in sales every year. In Brunei, our “SmartHeart©” cat food has become one of the Top Three brands in the market. The growth rate of our sales per year has been outstanding with a double digit percentage since the introduction of “SmartHeart©” to the market in year 2002. In Singapore, our “Dr.LuvCare©” dog food is now available in full range at several popular hypermarket and supermarket chains across the Island. “Dr. Luv Care” dog food has added in another sensible and quality alternative to this highly sophisticated market.